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Siemens Flame Detector, QRB1B, L=700

Siemens QRB1B

Siemens Flame Detector, QRB1B, L=700

SKU: 112.409.06

Siemens (Landis & Steafa) UV detector/Photoresistor, QRB1B, Photo resistive detectors for use with Siemens burner controls, for the supervision of oil flames in the visible light spectrum. The QRB photo resistive flame detectors are used primarily in connection with oil burner controls in intermittent operatio

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Product Description


Siemens (Landis & Steafa) UV detector/Photoresistor, QRB1B C025B40B

Flame sensors are used for monitoring gas flames, yellow or blue- burning oil flames as well as for ignition spark control. Plastic-encapsulated version, metallized to prevent static charge in the air stream of the fan, for direct mounting on the burner.

The QRB... are designed for the supervision of yellow-burning oil flames in connection with burner controls type LAL..., LME7…, LMO..., LMV… and LOA… They are suited for frontal or lateral (90°) illumination.

The maximum spectral sensitivity of the QRB… is about 600 nm, thus giving full consideratio to the maximum level of visible light radiation of yellow-burning oil flames. Since the QRB… also acquires certain parts of the radiation spectrum of other light sources (boiler room lighting, solar radiation, etc.), the standard regulations regarding safety in connection with extraneous light still apply.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Siemens Flame Detector, QRB1B, L=700
GTIN / EAN 7333077080686
Estimated delivery 1 week
Manufacturer Siemens
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