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Oil filter 1/2RP ALU 100µm (70107E)

Bentone OIL FILTER 1/2" REF.NO.70107

Oil filter 1/2RP ALU 100µm (70107E)

SKU: 114.293.14

Bentone Oil filter for light oil with a disposable strainercartridge which protects oil pumps, preheaters and oil nozzles.

  • Very large filter surface
  • Water-repelling
  • A flow direction from the outside and in
  • Transparent filter cup
  • Vacuum port
  • Filter mesh 20 μm
  • Easily exchangeble strainer cartridge.

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Product Description


Bentone Oil filter

The Bentone Oil filter has been developed to cope with the more and more varying operating conditions for oil burners. Through the transparent cup it is easy to inspect the oil and the filter. The filter fineness is 20 µm which means that it complies with the specifications made by the pump and burner suppliers.

Technical data

  • Connection: 1/4”
  • Filter fineness: 20μm
  • Filter area: 1700 cm2
  • Max. pressure: 2bar
  • Max. temperature: 70 °C
  • Max. flow: 85 kg/h (100 l/h)


  • On a 2-pipe-system the max. flow of the pump is depending on the circulation capacity.
  • On a 1-pipe-system the nozzle capacity is the determing factor.
  • A suspension attachment is included.

To ensure the operation and to avoid dirty pump filters, the Bentone oil filter should be fitted. (Note! Applies to domestic size oil burners)

In a new filter cartridge the air easily passes through the paper. All air will therefore be evacuated and the filter will be filled with oil. If during operation the oil is exposed to a certain vacuum, dissolved gases will be set free and collected in the filter. The air will only with difficulty pass through the now oily paper. The level in the cup will drop. The effective filter area will only be made up of a small part at the bottom.

Concurrently with the filter being fouled the level will rise and thereby give an indication of thedegree of fouling. The phenomenon which does not appear in installations where oil is under pressure does not affect the degree of filtratio.

The filter can either hang in the lines or be fixed to a wall by means of the suspension angle enclosed in the carton. To facilitate the cartridge replacement in installations where the oil tank is placed higher than the burner there should be a shut-off valve before the filter.

The cartridge should be replaced either once a year when the vacuum during operation is 0,4 bar higher than at standstill or when the whole filter looks dirty. Do not forget to remove the old surface gasket between cartridge and cover and fit a new one every time the cartridge is replaced.

The O-ring between the transparent cup and the cast head should be replaced when necessary.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Oil filter 1/2RP ALU 100µm (70107E)
Estimated delivery 1 week
Manufacturer Bentone
Country of Manufacture Sweden
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