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Hot-air Convector FAW-C-T3 (Stainless-Steel)

Ex Hot-air Convector FAW-C-T3 (Stainless-Steel)

Hot-air Convector FAW-C-T3 (Stainless-Steel)

  • FAW-C-T3 Compact Range
  • Thermal Class: T3
  • Certificate: EExe IIC T3
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C
  • Material: Stainless-steel chassis
  • Terminal box with damp protection grade IP66 / IP67
  • Available for temperature classification.

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Product Description


Hot-air convector, FAW-C-T3 Compact Range

The ‘FAW’ range of hot-air convectors was designed to heat small working areas, storage areas, or similar applications, located in hazardous areas classed as Zone 1 or Zone 2, where the flammable atmosphere is Gas Group IIA, IIB, or IIC.

Common applications

  • Aircraft hangers
  • Chemical plants
  • Oil platforms
  • Petrol service stations
  • Gas facilities

General characteristics

  • LCIE Certificate ATEX Ex II 2 G EEx’e’ IIC T3 , in accordance with EN 50014 and EN 50019
  • Terminal box with damp protection grade IP66 / IP67
  • Available for temperature classification T3.
  • Ambient temperature range from -20 °C to +60 °C.
  • Stainless-steel chassis.
  • Terminal box: Aluminium box with Ø20 mm input for cables. Additional cable inputs will be implemented on request.
    Heating components: Tubular elements with fins that can be replaced individually, fabricated with NiCr 80/20 alloy resistive wire, compacted magnesium oxide, and tubular stainless-steel sleeve.
  • Controls: If necessary, FAW hot-air convectors can be controlled by remote temperature thermostats for use in classified zones.
  • Assembly: Valid for floors and walls (wall brackets not included. These must be ordered separately)
  • Power supply: standard voltages ~240 V single-phase or 3~415 V three-phase.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Hot-air Convector FAW-C-T3 (Stainless-Steel)
Estimated delivery 3-4 weeks
Thermal class EExe IIC T3
Connection voltage 240V
Manufacturer Electricfor
Country of Manufacture Spain
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