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Ceramic Infrared Emitters IRU 1.050 W

 Ceramic Infrared Emitters IRU

Ceramic Infrared Emitters IRU 1.050 W

  • Model IRU
  • Dimensions: 223 x 50 mm
  • Standard voltage: ~230 V
  • Power: 1.050 Watt
  • Wavelength: 2,8 µm

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Product Description


General characteristics

The IRU range of ceramic infrared emitters combines numerous innovations that allow responding to the diffeculties of most demanding industrial process: seving energy, faster productive process, quality control etc.

The main advantage of infrared radiation with respect to the classic techniques of heating based on convection or conduction are the rapidty and flexibility of use, absence of contact with products that must be treated and the high density load that can be reached.

IRU emitter is manufactored with a ceramic plate of 3 mm thickness resistance to thermal shocks and low inertia due to small mass. The addition of a special covering with high emissivity allows an optimal conversion of electrical energy in infrared radiation.

The total emissivity of the IRU emitter, calculated at 800 ºC, on the spectral field located from 10 to 7000 cm-1 is 0'98 (compair to a black body e=1). The egffectiveness of the IRU emitter in relation to an idela radition is 98% over the entire infrared spectre. In comparison, the emission factor in a metallic body is 50%, in quartz tube it's 70%.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Ceramic Infrared Emitters IRU 1.050 W
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