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Biogas burner BG300 60-150 kW DMV-DLE 512/11

Biogas burner BG300 60-150 kW

Biogas burner BG300 60-150 kW DMV-DLE 512/11

SKU: 710001271602

This biogas burner is suitable for domestic use as well as industrial applications all over the world.

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Product Description


The BG300 is an 1-stage industrial biogas burner, with a capacity up to 150 kW. The BG300 is equipped with hinged flange and slow opening solenoid valve.

Gas connection can be left or right. Recommended for over- and under pressure boilers and other industrial applications. Industry standard components are used. Designed for easy maintenance. Energy saving.

Biogas is an aggressive gas of the brass in the multiblock of the burner. For this reason, the Bentone's burners are equipped with a gas train instead of a multiblock. The gas train has the same functions as a multiblock.The gas train consists of  Ball valve, filter, pressure adjustment  valve, twin magnetic valve, safety valve and leakage control (VPS504 SO2)

The elevation used for the calculation is 500 meters. The capacity is based on a calorific value for biogas of  6 kWh/m3. If you need a higher inlet flow gas pressure, please contact Heattec for models and prices for gas boosters.

The two stage sliding burners have the same design as Modulating. Comes with manuals in English, German and French enclosed as standard.

Model Partcode Capacity kW Gas Multibloc Ball valve *P inlet
BG300 710001271602 60-150 Biogas DMV-DLE 512/11 1 1/2" 30

*Min. inlet flow gas pressure in mbar for max. capacity at a boiler resistance of 0 mbar.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Biogas burner BG300 60-150 kW DMV-DLE 512/11
Manufacturer Bentone
Output / Capacity 60-150 kW
Connection voltage 230V
Type of gas Biogas
Multibloc DMV-DLE 512/11
Burner controls LMG21 / UV
Ball valve 1"
Inlet pressure (mbar) 30
Estimated delivery 4-6 weeks
Country of Manufacture Sweden
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