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Kromschröder Gas Tightness Control TC 410-1T

Kromschröder Gas Tightness Control TC 410-1T series

Kromschröder Gas Tightness Control TC 410-1T

SKU: 84765810

Kromschröder gas leakage controller, TC 410-1T series 84765810 220/240V

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Product Description


Kromschröder Gas Tightness Check TC410-1T

Tightness control TC 410 Tightness control consisting of electronic monitoring unit and additional external pressure switch Testing independent of type of gas at any inlet pressure Short test period owing to logic decision in the program sequence Adjustable test instant permits fast system start Adjustable test period for adaptation to various test volumes, inlet pressures and leakage rates up to 10 min. High level of safety thanks to selfmonitoring electronics EC type-tested and certified design


  • Tightness control requires external pressure switch. The pressure switch is set to half the inlet pressure (only normally open contact required).
  • Switch cabinet housing for screwing on the bottom section or with snap-on attachment for U-shaped rails.
  • Test instant can be set before or after burner run.
  • Test period tP can be set TC 410-1: 10 up to 60 s TC 410-10: 100 up to 600 s.
  • Any test volume Vp. (note max. test duratio tP = 600 s)


The tightness control TC checks for safe functioning of both valves each time before switching on or shutting down an installation with two safety valves.

It has the task of detecting inadmissible leakage on one of the gas valves and preventing the burner from starting. The other gas valve continues to operate correctly and assumes the function of safely shutting off the gas. European Standards EN 746-2 and EN 676 prescribe tightness controls for capacity ratings of over 1200 kW.

Under certain conditions, EN 746-2 permits dispensing with pre-venting of the combustion chamber if a tightness control is used. In this case the system must be vented into the open air.

Tightness control TC 410 can be used for solenoid valves of any nominal diameter, quick-opening or slow-opening with start gas rate. Even motorised valves VK up to DN 65 which are directly connected through flanges can be checked by the TC 410 within a temperature range of 0 to 60 °C.

The valves are controlled directly for testing by the TC 410 (Fig. 1). Testing is possible by the use of auxiliary valves on slow-opening valves without start gas rate. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

GTIN / EAN 84765810
Estimated delivery 1 week
Manufacturer Kromschröder
Country of Manufacture Germany
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